Working with a plot summary

Below is the plot summary of a Bollywood film. Read through it. Then choose one of these tasks:

  1. Make a script and act out the film, or part of the film. Make the scenes short.
  2. Make a comic strip for the film or part of the film. You can decide if the characters in your comic strip should wear Indian or western clothing.
  3. Write a summary of a film you have seen recently. Use the plot summary here as an example. Your plot summary should be as detailed as the summary here.

film reel Plot summary – Khamoshi the Musical (“Silence the Musical”)

  1. Annie and Raj and their son Sam have a car accident. Raj and Sam are all right, but Annie falls into a coma. The doctors doubt she will survive. As her loved ones take turns by her bedside, Annie remembers her past.
  2. Annie is born to deaf and poor parents. Her Auntie Mariam teaches her to love music.
  3. Flash forward in time: Annie is musical and incredibly beautiful, and Raj, a composer who is inspired by her voice, falls in love with her. He wins her heart.
  4. Annie feels she cannot leave her parents, particularly after her mother takes ill, and because they are deaf, they need her help.
  5. Raj tells Annie that he'll never take her away from her parents – he just wants to make music with her. He decides to ask her father for her hand in marriage.
  6. Annie's dad dislikes Raj a lot, and will not consider him as a husband for his daughter.
  7. Finally, after Annie begs him, he decides to give Raj a chance. The two sets of parents meet, and the dinner is a disaster.
  8. Annie's dad burns his hand at the factory job where he's been working for the last fifteen years. His boss fires him.
  9. Annie is angry at the unfair decision. She forgets her meeting with Raj and they fight, but they make up. Raj says he has to leave Annie for a short time. He promises to return.
  10. While Raj is gone, Annie finds out that she's pregnant. Her father throws her out of the house.
  11. Raj returns and they get married, but her parents do not attend the wedding.
  12. After baby Sam is born, Raj and Annie visit Annie's parents, and they are forgiven.
  13. Back to the present day: Annie is still in a coma. The doctors have abandoned all hope. Raj begs Annie's dad to say her name just once, saying it's always been her greatest wish. After struggling, he manages to and Annie awakens.