Quiz: Are you a pet lover?

Take this quiz to see how fond you are of dogs and cats. Choose the answer that fits you best. Note how many a's, b's and c's you end up with and then check with the personality types described below. Do you think it is an accurate description of you?


1) How many dogs and/or cats do you think one person should have?
a) As many as they like.
b) It depends on where and how they live.
c) None.


2) How do you think a dog or cat should behave indoors?
a) Dogs and cats should be allowed to sleep on the sofa or in beds, or wherever they like.
b) Dogs and cats should have places they are allowed to be indoors and they should stay in them.
c) Dogs and cats shouldn’t be indoors.


3) How do you react to dogs and/or cats you meet?
a) You run over to greet them, even if it means crossing the road to do so.
b) You stop to pat them if they want to greet you, otherwise you ignore them.
c) You cross the road when you see them coming.


4) After meeting a dog or cat, you ...
a) spend the evening telling your friends and family about how cute it was.
b) go back to what you were doing and forget all about it.
c) spend half an hour picking fur off your sweater.

pet lover


Personality types

Mostly a's’: You are a real animal lover. Your world would be a poorer place if there were no animals in it.
Mostly b's: You like animals, but your world doesn’t revolve around them.
Mostly c's: You are definitely not an animal lover. In fact, you would prefer people did not keep pets, or at least that they keep them well away from you!