Who Owns the Land? / Indian Education

TR2.43 "My Land" by Gary Davis (AKA Litefoot) on p. 93 and "Indian Education" by Sherman Alexie on p. 96 provide modern-day perspectives on the situation for Native Americans in the USA. 


“I write what I know and I don’t try to mythologize myself, which is what some seem to want, and which some Indian women and men writers are doing, this Earth Mother and Shaman Man thing, trying to create these ‘authentic, traditional’ Indians. We don’t live our lives that way. American Indian writers have a special responsibility to tell the truth."

(Sherman Alexie)


Video: Life as a young Native American in South Dakota

In South Dakota, young Native Americans are all too aware of the tough reality they face.

Videos: Native Americans

Collection of short films about the Native Americans - some on the WatchKnowLearn site and some on external websites.